Our Products

Our catalog includes a wide selection of products divided into four categories: Fresh, Frozen Food, Buckets, Liqueur Drinks and Related.

Among the Fresh Food where you can find a wide selection of beef, sheep, pigs, poultry; Salami both Italian and foreign than local; Cheese Fresh, hard, seasoned, milk and derivative cheeses.

Among the Frozen Foods you can find cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, various game, vegetables legumes and smells, mushrooms and truffles, egg pasta, various sheets, ice cream, desserts

Among the Dry you can find a selection of oils, from extra virgin olive oil to those for frying, a wide selection of flours, legumes, jams, vegetables and pickles in oil and vinegar, spices, canned and glass preserves , dessert puddings and cake preparations, breakfast products

Finally, among the Drinks over the classic coca cola, fanta and similar, fruit juices in glass, brick, energy drinks, wines, liqueurs, spirits, champagne and sparkling wines

We also have Bio brand products.